UP's and Down's are a part of life. Sometimes, we are very high and sometimes very low. In the same way, cricket teams have to undergo many good and bad periods in their life. But the life of Zimbabwean team has always been in ruins of darkness.

This team is no competition to any of the existing teams. In fact, it is used as a scapegoat for making records. The few wins which comes to their credit are won by fluke and not because of good performance.

This team can only boast about the flower's (it has) which are delicate and tender but has no thorns to rip off the rivals. The condition of the team is so pathetic that they had to struggle very hard for victory in a match with Kenya, which is a new entrant in the cricket world.

However, a light of hope can be seen in the form of Murray Goodwin, who might enlighten this darkness in which the team is wrapped for decades.

It's not that they don't have good players. They have good players in the form of Neil Johnson, Alister Campbell and Andy Flower but what they lack is the support of good all-rounders and more importantly, good bowlers. So we appeal to all the Zimbabweans to provide a sound first class structure for the game, so that quality players can take birth and Zimbabwe turns out to be the champion of champions.

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